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Kaboodle first hit the stage in early 2017 as an independent ticketing operation but has over 15 years experience running ticketing and travel operations for numerous, award-winning, festivals and events.


  • Kaboodle needed an integrated on-site event check-in solution that automatically pushes online event ticket sales in real time directly to event specific gate check-in devices.  Guest data amendments, updates and deletions needed to be sent in real time across all gate entry points.
  • Expedite, upload, group by ID and securely check-in additional 3rd party ticket sellers data for each event.
  • Create restricted check-in app access based on check-in host authority.
  • Amend ticket sales data on-the-fly to allow for ticket blocking & cancellations.
  • Filtered ticket data at check-in level for multi day / multi entry point check-in.
  • Generate real time attendee stats including ability to filter or group by ticket type and/or guest group ID’s.
  • Management of staff and artist accreditation via barcoded pass scanning or manual name look up including associated group attributes.
  • Large scale event data management to facilitate high volume data transfer and gate entry surge periods.


  • Direct development consultancy with Kaboodle  IT department to ensure successful integration strategy, methods and execution with the Qflow for events API.
  • A centralised Qflow for events cloud based account dashboard for all event check-in data administration, additional data management and check-in team control.
  • Qflow for events Android and iOS device check-in apps with check-in zone settings and ticket scanning by ticket type / guest ID filter.
  • Real time in-venue attendee statistics available included breakdown by ticket type and guest ID.
  • Post event attendee reporting including entry surge info-graphics and by ticket segmentation.

“We used Qflow for events at all our festivals over the summer. It’s easy to use interface and app meant that we were able to train the volunteer staff operating the scanners quickly and they had no problem picking it up.”

Noel Edwards - Kaboodle

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Invites + Check-in

Invites + check-in

Invites / tickets + check-in your guests!
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited events
  • Scans all barcode types
  • Add barcodes + RSVP to invites
  • NFC supported
  • Send as PDF or HTML email
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White label + API

White label + API

Ticketing or events company?
  • Branded check-in app
  • Branded web control panel
  • Manage your own users
  • Link to your ticketing system
  • Create your own solution
  • REST API and developer tools
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On-site services

On-site services

Hire dedicated barcode scanners
  • Ruggedized barcode scanners
  • Remote or on-site support
  • Badge printing
  • Custom solutions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Branded NFC solutions
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Testimonial Author
"We used Qflow for events and their scanners for the first time at our event in central London. It made the process of checking-in over 2000 delegates so much faster. The whole process from start to finish was simple and user friendly and I always felt supported"
Rachel Howard - Events Team
Testimonial Author
"From start to finish Qflow for events was amazing. They helped make our event run smooth and the peace of mind I had from working with them was invaluable! Would highly recommend this service"
Tanya Anastasiadis - Producer Guardian Live Productions
Testimonial Author
“We worked closely with Qflow for events to deploy a ticket scanning solution for the Ice Rink at Winter Wonderland this season. We found the Qflow for events scanners to be very user-friendly, highly functional and provided us real-time insight on session activity at our fingertips.”
Simon Poon - VP, Global Development WME | IMG
Testimonial Author
“The admissions process this year went exceptionally smooth, giving our visitors a great first impression of the Show. We would highly recommend this system for any event.”
Ghislaine Fletcher
Head of Event Production
The Southport Flower Show
Testimonial Author
"Our main issues on the door used to be surge periods, especially during our sold out events. With Qflow for events scanners we now maintain and control the entrance flow with ease. The door girls can’t live without it now!"
Paul Jack
Co-founder LWE / Printworks London
Testimonial Author
"The responsiveness and efficiency of the scanners meant that we barely had a queue even during busy periods, leaving attendees free to get on with enjoying the event."
Ben Horton
Crack Magazine
Bristol / Amsterdam / Berlin