'Qflowfor events' comes packed with great features to make your event a success.

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Custom invite design
Change images, fonts, text size and colors all while previewing your changes in real-time.
Invite SmartFields
Include all types of data in your invites using smart fields.
Add barcodes to your invite
Add a unique barcode to your invite - we can generate it for you or you can add your own barcode data.
Send invites as a PDF or HTML
Either send your invite as a responsive HTML email or attach it as a PDF.
Allow your guests to RSVP for your event. Include RSVP when sending out invitations.
We send thousands of invitations per day, our system was built to scale.

Event check-in & guest lists

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We scan all 1D and 2D barcodes from Code 128 to QR codes.
Real-time stats
Watch your guests arriving on the web control panel or check-in app in real-time.
Duplicate ticket detection
When a duplicate barcode is detected the user is notified and you can choose what to do.
Manage guests
Once a barcode is scanned and a guest checked-in, you can choose to further manage the guests details.
Fast performance
'Qflow for events' prides itself on its fast scanning speeds. We have a number of videos which demonstrate this. Watch video
Group ticket scanning
Check-in group and family tickets with one scan.
Partial name & initials search
Locate your guests faster with partial searches and initials. This makes the staff and guests check-in experience easier even with hard to pronounce names.
Guest list performance
You can search your guest lists instantly even with thousands of guests.
Advanced search
You can search for your guests by initials, variations on names, additional info, email and more.
Even with no or little internet connection 'Qflow for events' will continue to work giving you complete peace of mind.
Using 'Qflow for events' unique tagging feature you can create sessions within your event and manage guests in and out of these sessions.
Unlimited devices
All your guest data is synchronized across unlimited devices - iOS and Android.
Scan wristbands, lanyards or any NFC media as an alternative to barcodes.

Check here for supported NFC Media
Scan QR code to sign-in
Speed up your check-in app sign in with our new 'Scan QR code to check-in' feature
Registration mode
Look up a guest on the check-in app and register their details onto NFC ticket media such as Wristbands or NFC Cards
Check out your guests
You can check out your guests with a scan or via the guest list and get checked in and checked out statistics


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Hire barcode scanners
We provide dedicated high speed barcode scanners which are durable and have a long battery life.
Badge printing
Use 'Qflow for events' badge services and print your badges before or during your event. Get in touch now with your requirements.
Friendly staff
If your event needs extra staff, we can provide team leaders and entrance staff who are trained in our products.
We provide optional training prior to your event to make sure you get the best from Qflow for events.
Remote support
You can have the peace of mind of a Qflow for events professional on call remotely.

White label &
API Integration

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White label app
Make Qflow for events your own, by branding the app to your logo and colors.
API Integration
Integrate your business with Qflow for events REST API for a robust solution.
Full white label solution
Have your own custom subdomain at Qflow for events and change the branding to reflect your own. Create new users and manage existing ones.
Include control panel in your solution
We have a cutdown iframe version of the site which can optionally be branded to you. This can be included in your solution with a Single Sign On link (SSO) making fast integration with Qflow for events possible.

All features

Unlimited devices
You can use unlimited phones, tablets and other devices with your Qflow for events account.
All data is synchronized
All your data is synchronized between your devices.
Real-time smart stats
View stats for the overall event or from filtered data. Stats are displayed in real-time on both control panel and app.
Team members
Assign team members to your devices. Keep track on who does what. Restrict team member actions.
In-depth reports
In-depth Excel and PDF reports. Generate reports from filtered data and email selected stakeholders.
Export your data
Your data can be exported to as a CSV, Excel and PDF file.
High performance
Our servers are hosted on the award winning Microsoft Azure platform with over 60% of FTSE 100 companies.
Sessions & tags
Have your guests arrived? What session or location are they currently in? Did they visit all of today's sessions? Did they show an interest in a particular exhibition stand? All these, and more questions can be answered by Qflow for events unique sessions and tags feature.
Short codes
Short codes allow quick access to relevant filtered lists of guests. Such as 'Check-in' and 'Checked out' guests.
Check-in plus ones
Check-in your plus ones independently of the lead guest. Not all guests have to arrive simultaneously.
Multiple entrance check-in
The app can be filtered down only scan and display guests for a specific entrance. This is ideal for multiple entrance scenarios.
Block guests
Guests can be blocked from entry to an event. Add a reason i.e. Fraud and then the app will notify the staff member a guest is blocked when they're scanned.
Night mode
Night mode inverts the colors and makes the display easier on the eye in low light scenarios.
Send notifications to team members or the whole event on line-up updates, important security messages or anything you'd like.
Smart filtering
Filter your guests by tags or sessions you've setup. Allow the app to only scan certain tags or sessions.
Device restrictions
Restrict a device or team member to only perform a set of actions. Restrict the app to display only certain information to the staff member, lock down filters and settings and set the app to only scanning.
Works offline
Our app can work seamlessly in environments where there is little or no internet connection without any disruption to your check-in process.
Create tallies on the control panel or app. Record ad-hoc information such as 'Walk-up sales or 'on-the-door' tickets.
One click import templates
Once you've matched your data to the 'Qflow for events' format - save that preset to make importing a 1-click process.
Import from CSV + Excel
Import your data from a CSV file (any delimiter) or an Excel file. Qflow for events will make matching your columns easy.
Import from third party services
If your data is in Facebook, MailChimp or Eventbrite you can import it at the click of a button.
Keep sales open
If you integrate with the 'Qflow for events' API, you can keep your sales open as the event starts and Qflow will keep your app in sync with your sales so guests can check-in.
We check-in millions of guests and send 10's of thousands of emails. Qflow for events was built to scale so you can rest easy trusting us with your events.
Fantastic support
Qflow for events provides fantastic support through live chat, phone and email. We're passionate about technology and events, so if you need any assistance don't hesitate to get in touch.
Invites + Check-in

Invites + check-in

Invites / tickets + check-in your guests!
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited events
  • Scans all barcode types
  • Add barcodes + RSVP to invites
  • NFC supported
  • Send as PDF or HTML email
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White label + API

White label + API

Ticketing or events company?
  • Branded check-in app
  • Branded web control panel
  • Manage your own users
  • Link to your ticketing system
  • Create your own solution
  • REST API and developer tools
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On-site services

On-site services

Hire dedicated barcode scanners
  • Ruggedized barcode scanners
  • Remote or on-site support
  • Badge printing
  • Custom solutions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Branded NFC solutions
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Qflow clients
Testimonial Author
"We used Qflow for events and their scanners for the first time at our event in central London. It made the process of checking-in over 2000 delegates so much faster. The whole process from start to finish was simple and user friendly and I always felt supported"
Rachel Howard - Events Team
Testimonial Author
"From start to finish Qflow for events was amazing. They helped make our event run smooth and the peace of mind I had from working with them was invaluable! Would highly recommend this service"
Tanya Anastasiadis - Producer Guardian Live Productions
Testimonial Author
“We worked closely with Qflow for events to deploy a ticket scanning solution for the Ice Rink at Winter Wonderland this season. We found the Qflow for events scanners to be very user-friendly, highly functional and provided us real-time insight on session activity at our fingertips.”
Simon Poon - VP, Global Development WME | IMG
Testimonial Author
“The admissions process this year went exceptionally smooth, giving our visitors a great first impression of the Show. We would highly recommend this system for any event.”
Ghislaine Fletcher
Head of Event Production
The Southport Flower Show
Testimonial Author
"Our main issues on the door used to be surge periods, especially during our sold out events. With Qflow for events scanners we now maintain and control the entrance flow with ease. The door girls can’t live without it now!"
Paul Jack
Co-founder LWE / Printworks London
Testimonial Author
"The responsiveness and efficiency of the scanners meant that we barely had a queue even during busy periods, leaving attendees free to get on with enjoying the event."
Ben Horton
Crack Magazine
Bristol / Amsterdam / Berlin